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10 Facts You Never Knew About Alcatraz Prison!


Alcatraz is a secluded island from the coast of San Francisco, California in the United States of America. The island was home to a prison for a long time during the 19th and the 20th century. The prison was infamous for several things but mostly for the inmates. The prison was closed in 1963.

Here are 10 facts you never knew about Alcatraz prison:

1Al Capone played banjo in the inmate band

Famous Gangster Al Capone was one of the first prisoners of the new Alcatraz federal prison way back in 1934. During his stay at the prison, Al Capone reportedly bribed the officials in order to get preferences which led him to get transferred to the island prison. Later at that island prison, he became really cooperative. This led him to become a member of the Alcatraz prison band as a banjo player. The band named the Rock Islanders would perform for the other inmates every weekend.



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