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10 Reasons Why Your Hair is Falling & Natural Remedies to Cure It!


Hair fall affects people of all ages. Though obvious, most people overlook certain reasons for hair loss and there are some natural remedies for the same.

Lets look at common reasons of hair loss and how to cure them naturally.


These days everyone is under stress. Everyday stress from different aspects of life can cause significant hair loss. The cure: try yoga, meditation or anything that de-stresses you.

Erratic Hormonal Behavior

If you are experiencing sudden and massive hair fall, it could be due to hormonal imbalance. Do check your hormone levels by undergoing a physical checkup and prevent foods that aggravate the condition.


Pregnancy causes physical and mental stress and this can result in hair loss. If you are experiencing hair fall during pregnancy, try distressing yourself and using natural means of hair regrowth like coconut oil, having Omega 3 fatty acids in fish etc.

Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency or Anemia can cause hair loss. You can counter this by including iron-rich food in your diet such as meat, fish, tofu, eggs, pulses etc.

Drastic Diets

Sudden and drastic diets cause physical and mental stress and can cause hair loss. If you experience hair loss during crash diets, reduce the quantity of food during regular meals and include more exercise.

Protein Deficiency

Protein is very important for healthy hair and lack of protein can cause hair loss.  Include eggs, milk, soy, beans etc. in your diet to increase protein content in your body.

Over Styling

Excessive application of hair color and combing can cause hair loss. It is best to use natural hair color such as henna and comb hair gently without applying chemical gels.

Hereditary Reasons

In some cases, hair loss can be hereditary. Check if your parents had such a condition at your age and if yes, the best you can do is eat healthy, get exercise and de-stress. Hopefully the condition will improve.

Vitamin B Deficiency

Vitamin B12 which is most common in meats is necessary for health hair growth. If you are a vegan, deficiency of vitamin B12 could be the cause. Include juices, yoghurt, milk, cheese etc. in your diet.

Use of Steroids

Usage of Anabolic steroids can cause hair loss. If you are taking steroids for building muscle, it is recommended to switch to more natural forms of fat gaining foods like rice, red meats, nuts, potatoes etc.


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