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13 Best Cancer Mobile Apps to Detect & Manage Cancer in 2019 You Should Know!


Cancer is one of the most dangerous health conditions and it requires a lot of attention to it and therefore, there are ways to deal with the cancer community. Smartphones and the internet have made our life way easier than it used to be for sure as today, we have mobile applications which can help and assist the cancer community with almost everything they need.

Here we have the list of such 13 mobile applications you can install in your phone:

Care Zone

Care Zone is a mobile application that interprets medicine supervision to let you have a list of medications, right dosages, and agendas with you to be systematized. You can easily bestow access with whosoever you want to, and get notifications about the right time of your medicine intake or refill one.

Breast Cancer Healthline

The Breast Cancer Healthline application was created to always tell the patients that they are not alone in their journeys.  People who are recently operated, undergoing therapy, or in remission will get assistance and fellowship in the application’s one-to-one chats and group conversations.

My Cancer Coach

The My Cancer Coach App is promoted in partnership with BreastCancer.org, Men’s Health Network as well as Fight Colorectal Cancer. This application grants learning and data regarding personalized cancer medications so you can watch and have a control on your own progression.

Check Yourself

This app was developed by the Keep a Breast Foundation,” Check Yourself!”. It encourages you to create your personal cycle for breast self-  monitoring. You would have to set a day and time to create an automated cyclic warning or notification and read the methods of massaging and get notified about suggestions for lessening your danger for breast cancer.

Cancer Therapy Advisor

Cancer Therapy Advisor organizes the freshest news and trends in oncology, cancer treatment regimens, full-length articles, slideshows, case studies, and medication learning for all of the cancer types. It is basically developed for oncology professionals.

Cancer.Net mobile

Cancer.Net mobile incorporates specialties which enable sufferers to receive the freshest knowledge about each kind of cancer, account and follow their therapies, get guidance to handle consequences, give the payment of the medications, and correlate to links for cancer-related podcasts, latest videos, and blog posts.

Create To Heal

The sole purpose of this mobile application is to “benevolently guide you from your mind to the soul, right where the invigorating procedure commences.” However this isn’t proposed as a therapy supervision medium, but it does concentrate on innovation and anxiety release as a specialty to care programs.

Chemo Brain

Chemotherapy is disreputable to be done to the patients temporarily but with notable retention losses. Chemo Brain is created for the patients to make the right articles for them at the right time to tell them that this is not the end of the world.

Cancer Dictionary Free

Cancer Dictionary Free provides on-the-spot entree to oncology-special messages as an easy and prompt source guide to expedite knowledge and present victims the right transparency.  This app helps to provide the patients with the right names of their medication and right ways of their therapy.


This mobile application was only created to help the patients proficiently,  record dates, test reports, lab assessments and also inconstancies in your body weight. It has an audio journal to post issues to the doctor, have reminders to be systematic and keep the necessary tasks on top.

Pocket Cancer Care Guide

This App was designed by the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, it changes like a convenient dictaphone to help you record the solutions; works as a blessing if you have a problem memorizing specific data and to re-listen to your doctor’s perspective twice or even more than that at the time of confusions.

Caring Bridge

CaringBridge helps sufferers to generate virtual health records which can help you enhance the therapy and can be distributed with associates and your family. This application facilitates further by installing every data you need to update your account with and unite with other patients.

Reach out: My Support Network

Reach out: My Support Network is a mobile application that strives at building an association/ associations of victims with the related condition. It concentrates on many conditions, starting from cancer to mental well-being.


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