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15 Cancer-Fighting Organic Foods You Should Include in Your Diet!


Cancer affects millions of people around the world every year. Even though there are different types of cancer treatments available today, cancer is not always detected in early stages and it is always better to prevent the condition rather than undergo the pain and mental agony later.

Here are 15 Natural Organic Foods that are known to have cancer-fighting capabilities:

Green Leafy Vegetables, Such as Broccoli

Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli has lots of anti-oxidants which can reduce the destruction of free-radical cells and stunt the growth of cancerous cells.  When consuming broccoli, it is recommended that you steam it so that the flavonoids are preserved and the food is consumed at its nutritional best.


Garlic has allyl sulfur compounds which can slow down growth of cancerous cells. Allyl sulfur compounds help reduce the rapid division of cells which are one of the most obvious and dangerous properties of cancerous cells.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits such as orange and lemon have high concentration of Vitamin C which are known to to prevent cancer. Regular intake of Vitamin C will clear throat and lung infection and also prevent throat/lung cancer.


Nuts such as Brazilian nuts contain lots antioxidants and also selenium which fight cancer. Selenium helps in the destruction of cancer cells and repair of DNA which have been caused by cancer or any external factors.


Mushrooms are inexpensive and extremely healthy. The “Reishi” mushroom is one of the best when it comes to malignant tumor-fighting capabilities. Mushrooms also help regulate hemoglobin which in turn keeps in the blood healthy and prevent cancer.


Blueberries are highly rich in flavonoids which prevent easy growth of cancerous cells.

Green Tea

Green tea is full of anti-oxidants that can help in weight loss and regular intake of green tea can prevent cancer.


Artichokes contain an effective antioxidant called silymarin, which is known to prevent epidermis cancer. However, do note that Artichokes should be peeled properly and boiled before consumption.

Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon contains omega fatty acids which have cancer fighting properties and they are low in fats and calories. Wild salmon is great for preventing prostrate cancer and is a healthy alternative to processed meat.


Kiwi is rich is Vitamin C which can improve body’s immunity and also prevent different forms of cancer.


Eggs contain Vitamin B, E, D and lots of proteins. In addition to cancer preventing capabilities, eggs also contain selenium which reduces side effects that accompanies cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.


Ginger is a great herb that can be consumed everyday without any side effects. Ginger has cancer fighting properties and also cancer patients given ginger before chemotherapy have reported lesser side effects such as nausea after treatment.


Legumes aid in faster recovery of damaged cells and improve the overall immune system of the body. Faster growth of red blood cells means the body will recover faster and with foods like lentils, peas and beans which are high in Vitamin B keeps the body healthy.


Research has shown has soy has the capability to reduce the size of tumor in breast cancer patients. Also soy contains genistein which helps stunt the growth of cancerous cells. However, soy might not be suitable for everyone so it is recommended to check with a dietician before including it in everyday diet.

Acai Berry

Acai berry has very high levels of anti-oxidants which can prevent cancer of all types. In fact, acai berry is known to contain about 11 times more anti-oxidants than apple.

These foods are known to have cancer fighting properties but it doesn’t mean that they can completely prevent cancer. Always examine your body for signs of cancer or go for regular cancer screening so that you can detect early and take necessary steps to fight back and still win the battle against the deadly disease.



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