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17 Early Warning Signs of Heart Attack That Most People Ignore!


Heart attack kills more people in the U.S than any other medical condition. Even though heart attack might seem to come from out of the blue, there are some clear warning signs that most people ignore.

If you or any of your loved ones exhibit these signs, it is recommended that you undergo a thorough medical checkup to ensure a heart attack isn’t on the way.

Here are 15 early warning signs of heart attack that most people ignore:

Chest Discomfort

As silly as it might sound, most people ignore chest discomfort thinking its a temporary issue that will go away with time. But, be warned, this could be the sign of an impending heart attack.

Upper Body Discomfort

Any recurring upper body discomfort could also mean an issue with the heart.

Shortness of Breath

If you have developed a condition of shortness of breath recently, it might be time to go for a cardiac checkup.

Cold Sweat

Cold sweat is the condition where the body is sweating without any physical activity. Cold sweat can be a sign of fear, anxiety or impending heart attack.


Nausea is an involuntary discomfort in the stomach that makes you want to throw up. If you repeatedly get nausea without any known causes, it could be because of an unhealthy heart.


Repeated cases of indigestion could be an indicator of unhealthy body, especially an unhealthy heart which can lead to a heart attack.


Heartburn is a painful feeling in the heart or the throat. Heartburn could be a sign of heart attack so it is advisable to get a cardiac checkup rather than just taking medication for heartburn.

Stomach Pain

There could be several reasons for stomach or abdominal pain such as indigestion. However, medical experts also state that abdominal pain could be a sign of heart attack.

Back Pain

Although back pain is often associated with external injuries, it is also considered a sign of heart attack.

Jaw Pain

Recurring jaw pain is considered sign of unhealthy heart and could be an early warning sign of heart attack.

Feeling Dizzy or Light-headed

Most people consider vertigo, unsteadiness, or lightheadedness as dizziness and this could be because of low blood pressure which is again because of unhealthy heart. If you are feeling dizzy quite often, it is a good idea to get a cardiac check up.


Exhaustion is a condition where the body does not seem to have energy for any activity. Exhaustion can be caused due to stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise or may be even unhealthy heart.


Snoring is a condition when there is obstruction in the flow of air between nose and throat causing vibratory sounds. Excessive snoring could be because of thickening of carotid arteries which could lead to a heart attack.


Sweating without any physical activity or change in ambient temperature can be considered a sign of heart attack. If you experience sweating due to unknown causes, it is recommended to visit a doctor immediately.

Nagging Cough

Buildup of fluids in the lungs is often a common cause of heart failure and hence the name, “congestive heart failure”.

Legs, Feet, Ankles Swollen

Swollen legs, feet and ankles is a sign of unhealthy heart which should be immediately checked by a physician.

Irregular Heartbeat

A definitive indicator of unhealthy heart, this is something no patient should ignore.

Some of the symptoms mentioned above could seem like an average, everyday occurrence. However, if you face these symptoms it is recommended that you undergo a full cardiac checkup immediately.



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