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9 Greatest Australian Cricket Players You Should Know!


Cricket is one of Australia’s favorite sports and the country has given the sport some of the unforgettable heroes. Australia was one of the first countries to feature in international cricket and since then they have been a formidable side in this game. They have won the World Cup more than any other country, i.e., is an achievement in itself. They triumphs came in the years 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2015.

Let’s have a look at the 9 greatest Australian cricketers everyone should know:

Sir Donald Bradman

Some say he is the greatest batsman to have ever played cricket, but Donald Bradman existed in an era where no bowler seemed to have a successful record against him. With a Test batting average of 99.94, his numbers are astonishing. The second person on the list of the highest Test average is way far from where Sir Donald set the benchmark. He had scored close to 7000 runs in tests with an average touching hundred and 29 centuries. Bradman also holds the record for becoming the first person to hit three triple centuries in Tests.

Ricky Ponting

If there was someone who played the pull and hook shots the best, it was this man named Ricky Ponting. For someone who has scored more than 27,000 runs for his country, it can be difficult to sum it up in a short paragraph. With 71 international centuries, this man never led his country down when duty called. Leading his team to two World Cup victories (in 2003 and 2007), Ponting has still a lot to offer to Australia as he is now serving as the assistant coach to the national team.

Shane Warne

Shane Warne was often regarded as the bad boy of Australian cricket but when he had the ball in his hand, he could spin it just as he wanted. Having taken 1001 wickets in his international career, Warne is the greatest leg-spinner to have played the game. He was also the first bowler to pick up 700 wickets in tests. He played a crucial role in his country’s World Cup win in 1999.

Glenn McGrath

If at one end there was Shane Warne then at the other was his partner in crime, Glenn McGrath. Not the fastest bowler you would see going around Australia, but his accuracy to pitch the ball where he wanted would make him a dangerous bowler throughout his career. He was part of the Australian side in three World Cup wins in 1999, 2003 and 2007. No other fast bowler has picked up more wickets (949) than McGrath in international cricket.

Allan Border

Considered as one of the best batsman and captain to have ever played for Australia, Allan Border was a genius of his time. Having scored more than 11,000 tests and 6,500 ODI runs, Border was an excellent left-handed batsman with some aggression and a calm head on his shoulders. He was the captain of the Australian team which won the 1987 World Cup. He has also picked more than hundred international wickets in his career.

Dennis Lillee

Most of us would remember him as the man who played with an aluminium bat, but Dennis Lillee was a bowler who had immense skills and passion for the sport. Lillee has picked up 355 tests and 103 ODI wickets for his country and even though the numbers are not as high as one would think, it is the impact that he created during his era which makes him a part of this list. Lillee was regarding as the fastest bowler during his time and the way he bowled, it is no doubt that the batsmen used to fear him.

Steve Waugh

A World Cup winning captain, more than 10,000 Test runs and one of the fighters of the game, Steve Waugh is many things. In his long and illustrious career which lasted for 19 years, Waugh scored more than 18,000 international runs and took 287 wickets with his medium pacers. He is one of the finest gentlemen the game has ever witnessed. Steve Waugh will surely have a chapter of his own when the history of the Australian cricket is been written for winning the World Cup twice, once as a player in 1987 and once as a captain in 1999.

Adam Gilchrist

Often regarded as the best wicket-keeper to have played the game, Adam Gilchrist was a destructive batsman with world class skills. In his 12 years of career for Australia from 1996 to 2008, Gilchrist amassed over 15,000 international cricket runs. He also holds the record for the second-most dismissals (905) by any wicket-keeper in international cricket. To his credit, he would go down as one of the most feared batsmen of his generation.

Greg Chappell

If today you Google his name, you will find some controversies attached to him. But what you may not know is the fact that Greg Chappell was one of the classiest batsmen of his time. He has more than 9,000 international runs under his belt and all those runs came due to consistent performances over a course of his 14-year career for Australia. He had also picked up over 100 wickets in his career and was a fearless captain with the great Aussie spirit and passion for Cricket.


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