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Dog Lovers Will Admit: These are 10 Important Life Lessons Only A Cat Can Teach You!


Cats are crazy creatures. Some people find them funny, some cute and some just plain annoying. Like they say, “you own a dog but a cat owns you”. Here are 10 important life lessons you should learn from these furry critters!

Just Don’t Give a Fcuk

Cats just don’t give a fcuk—that’s the hard truth. You could be the President of America or a homeless guy on the street, a cat wouldn’t care. There are times when this attitude could be useful.

Choose Your Friends Carefully

If you haven’t noticed, cats don’t get along with everyone. They take time to judge a person/animal and only get close if they feel comfortable.

Demand what you want

A cat will also annoy the hell out of you if he/she wants something. It could be dinner, a scratch or just to go outside.

Get Rest, Plenty of It!

Cats are known to be lazy, in fact they rarely go hunting and most of the time, they would “resting.” We could all use some of that!

I like You, But I Love Me

If you are nice to them, cats will like you but they love themselves more. Some people consider this selfish, but when it comes to cats, that’s just the way it works.

Always Look Good

For a cat, appearance is very important. You might find a dog rolling in dirt and coming straight into the house, but never a cat. A cat takes good care of its looks as we all should.

Stay Independent

Cats stick around you only if they find you useful. In three days if you stop paying attention or giving it food, it will start looking elsewhere. Stay independent, regardless of what the situation.

Dare to Go the Unknown

Cats often get stuck in high or tight places which makes people wonder, “how did it get there in the first place?” The truth is cats are pretty adventurous, they might get stuck but that doesn’t stop them from exploring what is beyond the ordinary.

Only Settle for the Best

You can try to fool a cat with low quality food, and it might taste it for your sake. There is no chance in hell, it will take it regularly. Only settle for the best, always.

Land on All Fours

Cats doesn’t take hard falls; may be because it is naturally inclined to land on all fours. In life when we too face problems/falls, remember to land on our best resources and move on.

Do you like cats? What are the good, the bad and the ugly about your cat? Let us know in the comments section.





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